Gender is a Tattoo

Nature can be more inventive than culture.

The process of understanding our gender identity is painful and permanent. Like a tattoo it stays with us and morphs as our bodies and minds grow, but it always remains the image we first received. As humans we categorize as a way to understand. Our culture has polarized gender into male and female and marginalized our understanding. This does not accommodate for nature's many variances. Our unique gender identity is biologically hard-wired into our bodies, and our social understanding begins here. Like most things in nature there is a wide variety within each particular species. Why would humans be any different?

Through the feminist movement, women have learned to see their gender in a different way, and our culture has pushed back, often in the face of truth gained from the insight of scientific understanding. I saw a unique parallel between the archive and the nature of gender. The images in the archive exist and can be re-purposed for new meaning. Similarly, gender exists and as our understanding evolves our culture adapts.